[NEW PRINT] Ḥadīth Nomenclature Primers

by Ibn Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī & Ibn Mulaqqin Islamosaic is honored to announce that Ḥadīth Nomenclature Primers is now available in print. It is currently available exclusively through CreateSpace. Additional announcements will be made as more options become available over the next few weeks. The product page will always have the a current list. This volume … Read more

[NEW ePUB] Ḥadīth Nomenclature Primers

This volume presents two primers on the discipline of ḥadīth nomenclature (muṣṭalaḥ al-ḥadīth) and the authentication of transmitted reports. They are Nukhbat al-fikar (“Chosen Thoughts on the Nomenclature of Ḥadīth Experts”) by Ibn Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī (773–852AH); and Al-Tadhkirah (“The Memorandum”) by ʿIbn al-Mulaqqin (723–804AH). These primers were written to facilitate speedy mastery of the discipline’s … Read more

[NEW ePUB] Ibn Juzay’s Sufic Exegesis

Ibn Juzay al-Kalbī began his exegesis of the Quran with a short introduction to the various disciplines related to explaining the Quran. One of the topics he included is sufism. The basic concern of sufism is the heart: knowing its good and bad qualities, how to rid it of bad qualities, and how to instill … Read more

[NEW ePUB] Ibn Rajab’s Refutation of Those Who Do Not Follow The Four Schools

Ibn Rajab’s essay The Refutation of Those Who Follow Other Than The Four Schools advocates for the necessity of following Islamic legal scholarship in general, and legal scholarship in particular. A large portion of the essay covers the history of the development of Islamic scholarship and how the Muslim Community came to recognize scholars as … Read more

[NEW ePUB] Al-Waraqāt: Imām al-Juwaynī’s introduction to Islamic jurisprudence

NEW E-BOOK from Islamosaic Imām al-Juwaynī’s short Al-Waraqāt fī uṣūl al-fiqh has been the first contact students of Islamic law have with the subject for almost a millennium. This translation aims to do the same for English speaking audiences. Its contents include epistemology, language, sources of law, methodology for research and interpretation, the conditions for … Read more