PayPal now accepted when purchasing Islamosiac EPUBs

PayPal is now a payment option when purchasing Islamosaic EPUBs that are sold through Gumroad. If you missed these titles or could not purchase them without PayPal, now is your chance. These books use the EPUB format (not PDF). You may need to download an EPUB reader to view these books. Users of OS X and … Read more

[NEW PRINT] Sharḥ Al-Waraqāt: Al-Maḥallī’s notes on Imām al-Juwaynī’s introduction to Islamic jurisprudence

Islamosaic is honored to announce that Sharḥ Al-Waraqāt is now available in print. It is currently available exclusively through CreateSpace (nb: and now Amazon). Additional announcements will be made as more options become available over the next few weeks. The product page will always have the a current list. Islamic jurisprudence concerns the knowledge and skills required … Read more

Ḥadīth Nomenclature Primers is a #1 New Release on Amazon

In the Name of God, Most Merciful and Compassionate Dear Readers, Thanks to you, the recently released Ḥadīth Nomenclature Primers is currently the number the #1 New Release on Amazon in both the “Hadith” and “Sunnism Islam” categories. Please help me maintain this ranking by leaving a positive book review and by letting others know about it. … Read more